Martinus Andersen at an early age had a desire for knowledge. He chose the study of herbs for his life's work. Martinus traveled the world studying the various countries, their culture, wisdom and ways of healing. He searched for the secrets of longevity, happiness and quality of life. It took him to Italy, China, Russia, Africa, Alaska, South America and other countries. From the different countries he traveled, he acquired their old ways and old wisdom. He concluded that the use of herbs is important for nutrition and in healing. He also found herbs, along with exercise, good food, natural simple lifestyle, pure water, positive mental outlook and love of fellow man are all essential parts of the secret for health and happiness.

Eventually, Martinus came back to the United States and settled in a small town outside of San Francisco. He was saddened to find here in the United States there was such a diversity of people and cultures and that they had given up on the "old practices" of their ancestors. He mourned the loss of such knowledge and practices. Martinus' research and practical experiences from around the world convinced him to use the herb formulas established by his family line. He came to be well known in the area for his wealth of knowledge and willingness to help people. These herbal formulas have helped many people. Now his granddaughter, Mary Ann Parks, carries on his herbal formulas and the proper plant growing and harvesting techniques.

In 1986 Ed Waltenspiel, a friend, who already knew the value of her grandfathers herb formulas, provided Mary Ann with a company so she could share these formulas with the public. He chose the name "Pomo" for the Pomo Indians of Sonoma County, CA, whom he greatly admired for their herbal wisdom. Pomo Valley Herbal Formulas are "Andersen Family Formulas."

Mary Ann Parks has been seen on several television talk shows since 1984 and has recently been hired by the State of California to teach Native Plants and Herbal Medicine. For the past ten years I have had the opportunity to work and study under Mary Ann. I feel privileged to be able to work with her by distributing such a wonderful product.

Lisa Kjar

The History Of Pomo Valley Herb Company