#1: Land and Sea Minerals

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Brain Food! Pomo Valley's formula #1: Contains two plants historically known as the highest natural source of minerals and trace minerals from the land and the sea. It's no wonder Grandpa nicknamed the Alfalfa and the Kelp "The King of the Land Vegetables" and "The King of the Sea Vegetables". Not to discount the other two herbs in this formula. The Horsetail plant is known for nourishing the nervous system and the Goto Kola carries the nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Many people have used this product as a caffeine free alternative to their Morning and/ or afternoon "pick me up". When using this awesome product I have noticed a steady ability to focus, clarity of thought and a sharper memory (without the jitters).  The wide variety of naturally chelated minerals and vitamins provided by this combination fights fatigue by building your body up with norishment not just stimulating temporarily. Try for yourself and tell us what you think!! :)) ENJOY