#10: Flu Eze

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formula #10: Flu Eze:

      Historically used as a natural antibiotic. Helps to minimize, prevent and stave off colds, flus and viruses. Used to heal canker sores, herpes, shingles, warts, ulcers and hemorrhoids.  Effective on cuts and wounds to fight infection. High source of natural vitamin "C". Herbs included in this formula: Ginger: Used to settle the stomach, aid digestion, eliminate gas and ease motion and morning sickness. Capsicum (cayenne):  Natural antibiotic, stimulates circulation and heats the entire body. Garlic: Natural antibiotic, kills viruses and bacteria. Feeds the nervous system. Slippery Elm: Cleanse and sooth the stomach, bowel and kidneys. Beneficial to sore throat. Rosehips: Finest source of vitamin C as well as A,D and E. Inhibits healing,strengthens the body.