#19: Woman Eze

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#19 Woman Eze

*Historical uses: female concerns, cramps, water retention, menopause, muscle relaxant, stress reliever 

*Ingredients: Horsetail (plant), Dandelion, Valerian Root, Hops, Ginger


Are you experiencing muscular pain? Are you feeling tense and unable to relax? Are you having symptoms of PMS or menopause? Are you feeling anxious, stressed and tense? Are you having trouble relaxing or sleeping? If You can relate to any of the above this formula may be a great helper for you.

How it works: Valerian Root is a well know natural muscle relaxant. This may help with pain and discomfort. The Hops is a relaxant of the nerves and may also be very helpfull with pain.  Dandelion replaces the essential salts to help maintain balance in the body. Dandelion also may help with detoxification and releasing water retention. Horsetail (plant) is a great natural plant source of calcium and selenium which helps counteract stress and support mental stability. The Ginger helps to ease the digestion and remove gassiness.


Total disclosure label: All ingredients are listed on the label.