"Pomo Power" the BOOK from interviews with Maryann Parks, (Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist and founder/ pioneer of Pomo Valley Herbs)

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Many years ago, prior to the invention of pharmaceutical medications and before the widespread availability of doctors, people were on their own when dealing with sickness and injury. This would have been especially true for families that lived on farms and ranches, a far distance from towns and settlements. Out of necessity, it behooved everyone to know as much as he or she could about coping with accidents, handling illness, and the best ways to maintain strength and good health. It was important to know the foods and herbs that could be used to help heal and cure. Most people had some knowledge of the medicinal plants that were available to them. However, some people had particular interest and skill with herbs and plants. These people would be called upon to help in emergencies. They would be consulted on how best to strengthen the body after sickness or injury. Mary Ann's grandfather was one of these practitioners. For Susan McCarthy, meeting Mary Ann was almost like meeting Mary Ann's grandfather. Although Martinus Andersen had died many years before, he had passed on to his granddaughter the family's knowledge of using food and herbs to promote and maintain good health. Over the years, most families moved away from the old curatives and on to doctors and medicine. Most of that wealth of old information has been lost and forgotten. Fortunately, Grandpa's family has never stopped using their particular arsenal of herbal remedies. For decades, Grandpa's family has managed to produce someone inclined to take up the gauntlet and continue practicing the family's life-enhancing methods for healing with food. With Pomo Power: One Family's Herbal Heritage, that herbal legacy is recorded and shared. In this practical guide, get sensible, do-it-yourself, effective advice on managing and improving your personal health with natural remedies. Find information on relieving everything from anxiety or an upset stomach to colds or arthritis. Get tips for boosting the immune system, enhancing digestion, getting better sleep, improving your memory, taking care of the heart, and enjoying a healthier, more balanced diet. With specific plans included—from the 64-Day Colon Cleanse to The Asparagus Diet—no stone is left unturned in this guide to getting healthy the natural way.